is what I hear coming from behind the living room wall right now. I am mildly disturbed. There is some sort of animal scratching and making strange noises IN MY WALL. Michael is asleep, as is the little dog at my feet. I should be asleep too, except for that dang critter in the wall. At least I know it’s not a snake, but still, it’s upsetting.

I hope it’s not eating our wires. Or dry wall. I also hope I am not responsible for disposing of it if we manage to trap it someday. I have been on removal duty with a few flying squirrels we caught. I do not approve of making a woman dispose of dead animals. It’s just wrong.

These are the things that keep me up at night. Animals in the wall.


PS To my dear friend Susan: If you’re reading this, I apologize. I know it will probably keep you up at night too.


  • I started to twitch just reading this… šŸ˜‰