I am Plankton

Well there’s a sentence I never thought I would write. That’s right, my children decided that of all the magnificent creatures of the sea, I am plankton. In other words I am basically a bunch of scum floating around waiting to be used and devoured by the other sea creatures. I am the lowest on the food chain. Daddy is a shark, Sophie a dolphin, and Mom—well, she’s just plankton. Not so far from the truth, but slightly demoralizing nonetheless.


Addendum: Michael was a little shook up this morning. The reason? He had a “very disturbing” dream that I was President and he was maybe, just maybe, going to be my chief of staff. Oh, sweet vindication. How the balance of power has shifted! I asked him if it was a metaphor for our relationship. He didn’t think that was funny:) I am plankton no more, I shall henceforth be know as MRS. PRESIDENT.