Birthday wishes

“To see things in the seed, that is genius”

I don’t like to throw around the word genius too often. Generally I use it as a substitute for swearing at Michael, as in “Yeah, genius, I DID know that putting your pants in the dryer would make them two inches shorter. ” When I am not using it in a derogatory way, I do secretly think of my man as a genius.

He has the most uncanny ability to see an unformed thing, just the seed of it, and know it’s potential. Where it’s headed, how it will get there. Most people can only see what is right in front of them. He sees from seed to bloom without all of the waiting and wondering of the growth process. It is an amazing gift, and I have been the lucky girl who is seen and known in a way that most girls only dream of.

So, on my man’s birthday, I wanted to say thanks. Thanks for seeing, really seeing, the seed in me and realizing the potential, apart from all the messiness and complications and craziness of the process.

I love you, genius!