excited! That’s how I feel about April approaching. It’s the reason I “had” to keep that hair appointment yesterday. It’s the reason I can’t quite think straight. It’s the reason I had to turn down a girl’s night out.

I’m sorry girls, but I’m going to be dining in London that evening. I won’t be able to join you this time. Don’t hate me because my son is turning seven and we want to take him back to the place where he was born. That sweet little terraced house with the bright blue door and the upstairs bedroom where I labored and nearly lost my mind from the pain, I mean, joy of natural childbirth.

I’m going to be here:

and here:

and here too! :

Like I said, beyond excited!

I’m afraid you’ll have to bear with me for a few weeks as I ramble on about my totally irrational and ridiculous love for my former life as an expat. Then you’ll have to bear with me as I share an absurd amount of photos and document my trip in minute detail. And lastly, you’ll have to bear with me when reality comes crashing in and I realize that I actually do still live in NJ and not in England anymore. Oh dear. That’s going to be ugly. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.