The clothes make the girl

Blogging without photos is lame. We are in desperate need of some photographic relief here. I would have given anything to have the camera with me on Wednesday. S and I met Michael at the office for a lunch date. It was more of a “Daddy and S” lunch date, and I got to play chauffer.

I let her choose the outfit for her date, and she did not disappoint. Frothy pink tutu skirt, polka dot pink sherbert shoes, and a pink top labeling her “Daddy’s little sweetheart”. Every person that laid eyes on her in that office lit up when my ray of pink sparkle sunshine came in the room. More importantly, the love glow in her eyes and skippity hop in her step as she walked the halls holding her Daddy’s hand was enchanting. Truly enchanting. I’m not sure there has ever been a girl who adored her Daddy more than this one.

It is a rose colored, grace filled memory captured in the eyes of my heart.


  • I love learning from you guys who are just a couple steps ahead of me in the life journey. I can’t tell you how often I’ve seen your husband with the kids and tucked away what I’ve observed. “I have to remember what I’m seeing here,” are words I often repeat. I hope, at some point in my life, to be half as good a dad as the ones I see every Sunday.