My 25 or Things you never wanted to know about me

As I have mentioned before, I have a serious addiction to facebook. I was tagged a few times to list 25 Random Facts about myself. I put it on my facebook page a week ago, but thought I’d put it out here too. I spent enough time on it that it warrants another reading or two:) This list is exactly what it is called: 25 (really) random facts about me that you most definitely couldn’t care less about. However, it might make you feel good about your husband, your children, and most definitely yourself after reading it. It was an exercise in self absorption that, to be frank, I thoroughly enjoyed.

1. I was born in Lafayette, LA.
2. I gave birth naturally twice, just to see if I could do it.
3. I was voted “most feminine” in high school, but secretly I harbor a wish to be totally ripped with a six pack.
4. I have a major crush on Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. In reality this could never work because 1. I’m married and 2. I like to be the one in the relationship with the angst and tendency to scream. However, I don’t need to be the one covered in tattoos.
5. Speaking of tattoos, I have a very small one. I’d love to get another.
6. I’ve known my husband since I was eight. We have lots of common childhood memories, and I love that I know what he looked like and sounded like as a kid.
7. I love to travel. I have visited 18 countries and my goal is to visit all 7 continents before I die. Antarctica is up for debate.
8. I have never had a speeding or parking ticket. I was pulled over once and the officer didn’t give me a ticket b/c he didn’t want to ruin my “perfect” record.
9. I have control issues and perfectionist tendencies. They’re annoying.
10. I like lists, and if anyone else writes on my list, I have to erase it or start it over again. I can’t stand to have someone else’s handwriting messing up my list.
11. I am a certified scuba diver. This has taken me from a quarry in PA to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It’s been years since my last dive.
12. I have regressed to having the vocabulary of a three year old. I routinely use words like “goody” and “poophead”. It’s depressing.
13. I have no sense of direction. I get lost all the time, even when following the GPS.
14. I hate almost everything that has to do with food. The consumption of it is ok, but I find the rest to be a complete waste of time.
15. I used to sing on the worship team at my old church. They clearly had a very low bar for what constitutes talent.
16. I held 7 different nursing jobs in less than 5 years. This was my first clue that I wasn’t meant to be a nurse.
17. I wish I had chosen to do something in the arts instead of science. However, I learned how to do a mean dissection of a fetal pig. That skill is bound to come in handy at some point.
18. I have a weird thing about eyes. I nearly fainted when I saw a cataract surgery, and I DID faint when my husband had an eye exam after laser eye surgery. This was my next clue about the nursing thing.
19. I love, love, love being a mom. Even when my kids threaten to call 911 so they can get a new family.
20. I don’t make friends easily, but I have been blessed with the greatest friends a girl could ask for.
21. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, which is a constant source of tension for me.
22. I would choose a book over most people. Reading is the love of my life. (Next to Jesus and Michael. And those crazy kids:))
23. One of the most magical moments of my life was when Michael and I were serenaded by a group of elderly Venetian men (in Italian) while sitting beside the water in Torcello.
24. One of the least magical moments of my life was the massive public argument we had at an outdoor restaurant in Rome. None of the Italians blinked an eye at the screaming and wild gesticulating. I fit right in.
25. I am a major work in progress. I am most thankful for God’s grace.

If you like to share meaningless facts about yourself or just like making lists, consider yourself tagged. Don’t forget to share your results!



  • I never thought I’d meet another person who was like myself when it came to lists! Also, if I make a mistake when I am writing them or I don’t like my handwriting, I start over. You’d think that would mean I was very organized, but I’m not!

    Also, I love to read also. I usually read a book a day for a few days in a row, then have to wait till the next time I hit the library to get more. I’ve been doing that since my husband is deployed. I’ve been reading Childhood Unbound by Ron Taffel – very unique look at childhood in the modern world; I love it. Also The Black Girl Next Door by Jennifer Baszile – a memoir by a historian about growing up black in the 70’s and 80’s – interesting read but not as intense as A Thousand Splendid Suns. Another great book I read last night was Three Cups of Tea – One man’s mission to fight terrorism and build nations – one school at a time, by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. It’s fabulous. It quantifies something my husband and myself have talked about sometime concerning the root causes of terrorism. He’s an intel guy with a degree in Emergency Management and some emphasis on hostage negotiation.

    Ok, enough chatting for a comment! Sorry to be so wordy.