I want a do-over

This has been quite an eventful week, and it’s only Wednesday. The week started with a crash and a bang on Sunday evening when my precious girl did this:

She broke her forearm by performing some sort of gymnastics on her bed. It must have been some dismount! I heard the crash landing and then moments later my baby came to the stairs clutching a lifeless and impossibly bent arm. It was horrifying. Thank God, M was home and was able to rush her to the ER, while I stayed back with the little ones. Pure torture, but nonetheless she was in great hands. Unfortunately, it was her dominant arm, so it looks like I’m going to be getting a refresher course in 4th grade math and spelling!

Later that night, once she was home safe and sleeping soundly (thank you morphine!), I found myself tearing up in bed. I was so thankful that she was ok, but it made me think of all the families who struggle with kids who aren’t ok. Those with kids who are sick and suffering, and desperately in need of hope. Sometimes I don’t understand the role of suffering, but I am so grateful for the times that God spares us from it. This was one of those times.

To top it off, S came down with a terrible ear infection, and I had to pay $300 for a healthy puppy visit to the vet. Apparently my dog’s halitosis needs to be cured with an anesthetized tooth cleaning. At a mere $600 . And I thought he smelled because he eats his poop. Well, that shows how much I know!

I will be so grateful when this week is over, provided there isn’t any more calamity in store. Yes, I consider a $300 vet bill a calamity. I always was a bit prone to exaggeration.