Friday Favorites

The wonderful PBS masterpiece classic “Cranford” is now on DVD. As you have been forewarned here, I am a complete dork. I love PBS classics and “Cranford” was absolutely fantastic. Anything starring Judi Dench is a winner in my book, and she has not let me down! I found it at my local library, but I’ve also had luck finding things like this on Netflix. (Check out “Wives and Daughters” there. Another classic.)

One of these days I’ll post something exciting that does not involve period costume. My husband has a severe dislike for any movies that involve costumes, unless they are of the superhero variety. This is only the beginning of where our tastes diverge. One day I will also post on the personality book I read that said M and I are completely incompatible. The unlikeliest of mates. Oh, my friends, that will be a doozy of a blog entry.

Until next time, have some fun browsing the DVD aisles of your local library. You never know what might turn up.