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Dear Dave,

(As in, Dave Ramsey.) You are ruining my carefully constructed spend unwisely, eat my money, buy my way to happiness ways. When I grow up, can I be just like you?



PS Remind me that I wrote you this letter when I have to use that evil, spawn of Satan tool called a budget. Especially when Panera and Anthropologie no longer fit in the budget. I draw the line at the bookstore.

The clothes make the girl

Blogging without photos is lame. We are in desperate need of some photographic relief here. I would have given anything to have the camera with me on Wednesday. S and I met Michael at the office for a lunch date. It was more of a “Daddy and S” lunch date, and I got to play chauffer.

I let her choose the outfit for her date, and she did not disappoint. Frothy pink tutu skirt, polka dot pink sherbert shoes, and a pink top labeling her “Daddy’s little sweetheart”. Every person that laid eyes on her in that office lit up when my ray of pink sparkle sunshine came in the room. More importantly, the love glow in her eyes and skippity hop in her step as she walked the halls holding her Daddy’s hand was enchanting. Truly enchanting. I’m not sure there has ever been a girl who adored her Daddy more than this one.

It is a rose colored, grace filled memory captured in the eyes of my heart.

While I was busy…

..getting my big toe frozen by the podiatrist today, I had some time to think. Firstly, did you know there is a spray that will freeze your toe so someone can use sharp implements to dig deeply into your nailbed? Neither did I. It was an unexpected surprise. Secondly, the freezing actually hurt worst than the digging. This has confirmed for me that I will definitely not be taking up mountain climbing anytime soon. Frostbite would not be a pretty way to go. This led me to my third thought, which was this: I think I’m getting ready to tackle the metaphorical mountain in my life.

I call it Mt. “Figure out what I’m supposed to be when I grow up”. It’s a mouthful, but it’s been ever present for a few years now. If any of you want to spend time fasting, praying, wearing sackcloth, whatever, in order to get an answer for me, I’d appreciate it. God and I have a bet going on who can hold out in silence the longest. So far, He’s winning.


PS I won’t have too many photos to post for a while. Our camera is on leave. I don’t know when to expect it’s return. The photo above is of Mt. Teide in Tenerife.


Snippets of conversation I’ve caught throughout the day, in no particular order:

“Water Bomb!”

“Look out!”

“Don’t cry!”

“Let’s make thunder”

“Can I light this?”

“Mom, can you go outside so I can throw this at you?”

Thank you “Dangerous Book for Boys”. You have made my life one big dangerous experiment after another.


I agree with Bill

“Reading has given me more pleasure than really anything else.”
Bill Blass

I get a strange, anxious, choked off feeling when I haven’t read a book for a while. It follows me around throughout the day, nagging and pulling at me. It’s like the feeling you get when you’re in a sauna and the air is thick and heavy, and you have to work a little harder to breathe. That’s how I feel when I’m separated from books. It’s an actual physical discomfort.

This feeling has been following me around for a few weeks. I haven’t had time to read very much lately, and I finally got my chance to remedy that this weekend. The kids were gone, the house was quiet, and I made a trip to Borders AND the library. I feel like I can breathe easy again.

If you haven’t noticed I keep a running list of my current reads in the sidebar to the right, but I like to talk about them here sometimes too. I just finished reading A Thousand Splendid Suns, which was an excellent companion to The Kite Runner. Highly recommended. I also finished The Mighty Queens of Freeville, a memoir from writer Amy Dickinson. I try to mix up my fiction and nonfiction reading, so it was a nice change of pace after the heavy subject matter of Hosseini’s book. It was witty and interesting and full of life’s big and small lessons.

I still have a ridiculous number of books on my TBR (to be read) list, but if you have any must- read’s for me I’m always happy to amend the list. Suggestions? Thoughts?