Life lessons

What I learned on Christmas vacation

1. I learned that you should never leave your three year old alone with beads the size of, say – a nostril, or tweezers and threats of an ER visit will be required.

2. I learned that steadily increasing my time and effort running is finally paying off. I’ve finally hit the 4 mile mark! It also makes my jeans fit better:)

3. I learned that my son is a very talented artist and loves to be recognized for it. Also, the high of one’s first art show does not compare to the low of being told to go to bed on time. It quickly disintegrates into the worst day of a kid’s life, EVER!

4. I learned that my oldest has been secretly writing “buy Rachel a cell phone” on my daily to do list. To Do: Hide list from nine year old.

5. I learned that a panini maker from Williams-Sonoma was the best gift I’ve ever given, if you like panini’s. I also learned that it was the worst gift I’ve given if, like me, you would rather just be taken out to Panera.



  • Funny!

    We also had an incident with a ball the size of a nostril over Christmas with my 2-year-old.

    not pleasant!