I have no idea if any of you find this interesting or not……

but I like to keep a record of what I’m thinking, reading, listening to at the moment. I think my kids will find it funny when they’re older. Or possibly very disturbing. Most likely disturbing.

Here at teamcoyle:

I’m reading: Persuasion by Jane Austen

I’m watching: Psych and The Office

I’m listening to: Red and Linkin Park. I admit I’m going through an aggressive music phase. Not sure why. Possibly need to explore this in counseling:)

I’m hooked on: Facebook. But really, who isn’t?

I’m studying: David by Beth Moore

I’m thinking about: Hidden motives of the heart. Blog entry to follow.

I’m wishing: I could move. I’m only short a mere $35,000.

I’m so tired of: Whining (not my own, everyone else’s) I personally enjoy my own whining.

I’m running: on empty. Just kidding! I’m running on the treadmill about 14 miles a week. This actually explains the music choices. I can’t run to anything but Linkin Park. Weird, no?

I’m attending: liquid church at our new site in New Brunswick, or possibly online if the weather doesn’t get any warmer!



  • “My name is Shawn Spencer, and this is my partner, Burton ‘Sillypants’ Guster.”