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Just a little update

Hello friends! I wish I was able to post something every day, but frankly, my life is just not that interesting. It used to be, but now it’s the never ending loop of cleaning, laundry, errands, kids. The only thing that changes is the order I do them in:)

As you all know by now, there is nothing “cool” about me. This tidbit of info I’m going to share with you will confirm that for those of you who were kindly holding out hope that someday I will outgrow my “uncoolness”. I will not.

I love Masterpiece classics on PBS. There, I said it. I print out the Masterpiece classic schedule each season and DVR my faves. Two weeks ago, they were showing a new two-part “Wuthering Heights” adaptation. I just watched the first episode last night, and it was fantastic!

Unfortunately, it is no longer being shown on PBS, but you can watch both episodes online. This Sunday, they are having an encore presentation of “Sense and Sensibility”,which I watched last year.

S&S is one of my favorite movies, so I was a little sceptical, but they did a wonderful adaptation of it as well. Highly recommended! I promise you won’t be disappointed, unless you’re too cool for that sort of thing. Then I suggest you go watch reality t.v. I hear all the cool kids are doing it.


100, middle age, and other stuff

Why didn’t someone remind me that my 100th post has come and gone? I’m totally bummed. I had planned on writing something exciting and innovative, and this is what I ended up with. A post about shopping. I’m sure Michael would think that is completely apropos. How sad.

I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed putting this little blog together. I feel like I’ve been able to pull the curtains aside a little, and let you all have a peek into our lives here at teamcoyle. Granted, it’s not a very exciting one, but I think it’s the small triumphs and treasures that really make life worth living. I only wish I had done it sooner. You, on the other hand, are probably glad I did not. It would have meant a lot more posts about breastfeeding and potty training.

Now, on to middle age. Last night I went to a birthday party for a close friend’s 40th birthday. When did this happen? When did I start to attend 40 year old birthday celebrations? I am disturbed at this turn of events. At the party, I took part in a heated discussion about school boards, budget cuts, and full day kindergarten. My friend Tim stopped the discussion to say “Can we all just acknowledge that we are having the most middle aged discussion right now?” I could barely go on. I almost had to ask Michael to take me home. I hesitate to tell you that prior to that conversation I had a most thorough chat with another friend about Botox. I have always felt “middle aged” on the inside (as many of my friends can attest to). But, it’s something entirely new to have the years and my body catch up to me. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

As for other stuff, I wanted to make note of the fact that I have no idea how to use commas appropriately or construct grammatically correct sentences. I’m sure that is not news to you, but I thought I would just put it out there. I recognize it, and have no plans to change. I am almost middle aged you know.


Daddy’s girl

“A daughter is a day brightener and a heart warmer” Author Unknown

Here is my little Day Brightener “trying on” her new swimsuit. Note how she accessorizes with a baseball cap and sparkly Princess shoes. ( Excuse the poor quality of the photos. I have no idea how to work my camera.)

This is S’s face when Daddy walks through the door after a hard day at work. No wonder he loves coming home! I don’t have a photo of S’s face when I walk through the door. Just imagine this picture without the smile of joy and the clasped hands, and you have a pretty good idea. She’s a Daddy’s girl through and through!


Momma’s been shopping

Momma went shopping online, and now has a big, fat bill to pay. However, it is Friday Favorite time, and I wanted to pass along one of my best/worst finds. (It all depends on how you look at it.)

Boden has the most adorable and well constructed clothes I’ve ever found for kids. I’m not going to sugar coat it, they are expensive, but in my humble opinion so worth it. My husband, chief bill payer, may beg to differ. But really, who could resist a three year old in these:

On the upside, Mini Boden clothes can definitely make it through more than one kid, and have great resale value on ebay. It helps justify the purchase. On the downside, I don’t have another kid to pass these along to, so that rationalization doesn’t really work for me. They also have really cute boys clothing. (I haven’t received that shipment yet!)

If that’s not convincing enough, here’s what Sophie has to say “Omigosh, omigosh, this is soooo lovely!” My daughter calls her clothing “lovely”. Yes sweetie, that lovely shirt nearly cost daddy an entire paycheck. But, as we all know, our bank accounts must suffer for beauty.

Pour yourself a cup of :

and enjoy browsing, shopping, or silently cursing me for turning you on to this stuff!


Matters of the Heart

“The Lord searches every heart and understands every motive behind the thoughts… “
1 Chronicles 28:9

I’ve been thinking a great deal about this lately, but I’ve been hesitant to put words to it. Not because it’s a difficult topic, but because it is one that God has brought me back to again and again. I feel a little like the Israelites going around that mountain one more time in search of the promised land. Only my mountain is called “Hidden motives of the heart”.

I’ve found that the closer I think I am to figuring out this Christian life, and the more confident I become in my own “goodness”, that this is when God chooses to peel back another layer of me and expose my true heart. He peels back the layer that covers the deeper knowledge of my motivations and hidden thoughts. Those secret things that I so carefully hide from view.

Nothing is hidden from Him. That is a truly sobering thought. Once I got past the lie that living a “good” life was enough, I was faced with the fact that every thought behind my every action matters to God. My self righteous thoughts, my coveting, my hateful attitudes, my anger. These are the things that have significance in His eyes. It’s hard to maintain a pharisaical attitude when you realize that your mind and heart are on display before Him at all times. Maybe that’s the point.

So, when I feel myself going around that mountain again, I remember this:

“The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger, and rich in love”.
Psalm 145:8

I am so grateful for His love,