This Week

Generally, life clips along at an even pace around here. The ups and downs are the same, the routines the same, the quietly moving forward always the same. But this week, this week took me by the shoulders and shook me until I rattled.

This week, I found out that a couple I really wanted to see make it, is getting a divorce. I discovered facebook, and realized that I actually do care about the minutia of my friends’ days. I visited with an old friend who brought back memories, both good and bad. I told some of my most closely held secrets to a friend who listened without judgement, and offered words of encouragement and wisdom instead of “advice”. This week, I’m beginning to learn how the small things, the seemingly insignificant details, the little ways in which we enter and bump up against each other’s lives, all add up to something of substance.

And I also made some exceedingly stupid choices, even for me. How is that for a week?