Don’t get the wrong idea…

when you look at the picture I’ve posted here. I have not suddenly developed a taste for internet porn, or even scantily clad males. I was just sitting in front of my laptop after dinner enjoying a chocolate chip muffin after a few slices of pizza, when this photo popped up in the sidebar of the facebook page.

Apparently this guy is some sort of marathoner/olympian/fitness nut. Apparently he does not eat pizza and chase it down with a chocolate chip muffin. Apparently I will never have the willpower to have abs like these. It was almost enough to make me put down my muffin. Almost. Then I considered how early I need to get up tomorrow to exercise it all off. That would be before making the Christmas cookies. Oh holiday season, you tempt me so.

Seriously though, what does it take to maintain a physique like this guy’s? And who in the world has the time or inclination to do it? If anyone has any tips for staying motivated to stay fit during the holidays, please pass them along.