Week in Review

I’m currently playing hooky from church, surfing the web, and catching up on laundry. The kids had two days off from school this week, so my in-law’s were kind enough (read CRAZY enough) to take all three of them for four nights. You read that correctly. I said four nights.

Michael and I took the chance to spend a few nights in Ocean City, and the remainder here at home. Yesterday I spent the entire day at a scrapbooking event, which left Michael with a quiet and empty house. Knowing his inability to enjoy the quiet for long, I half expected to come home and find the upstairs bathroom demolished. However, he suprised me and actually spent some time relaxing. I almost took his temperature to be sure he was feeling ok, until I was ushered into the basement and found a partially assembled model airplane. He and I have distinctly different views on “relaxing”.