Pride and Privilege

I am never prouder to be an American than on election day. I have harped on and on for weeks to my kids about the privilege of voting, and the importance of exercising our right. (I’m guessing some of this was probably lost on the three year old). However, today we skipped the speech, piled the three of them in the car, and headed out to cast our vote. M and I took them into the booth, and after choosing our candidates, allowed them to press the button to cast our final votes. I was nearly overwhelmed by the profundity of the experience until E decided to very loudly broadcast to everyone in earshot who we were voting for, S tried to make a not so subtle beeline for the volunteers donut table, and R wanted to discuss (again) why she’s too young for a cell phone.

Ahh, the voters of tomorrow.

Anxiously awaiting the results,