Friday Favorites

Have a look at this beauty. It calls to me. It calls me by name. “Kimberly, buy me, buy me now”. I was able to resist the temptation the last time I was in Anthropologie, but I still think about it. Usually wistfully. Then I remembered Christmas is drawing near, and I might be on someone’s list, and I think I was a good girl this year. (Except for that terrible PMS fueled incident with the disabled driver in the Stop and Shop parking lot) But that’s a story for another day. Overall, I was pretty good. (Except for the time I got caught throwing my kids artwork out and then secretly stealing their Halloween candy). Except for all of those things, I was great. Really. Michael wasn’t upset at all when I accidentally on purpose threw out his favorite baseball caps.
When I really think about it, I might be off of his list. And the kids’ list, and definitely off the disabled driver’s list. I guess I have to rely on my mother for this one. I don’t think I did anything to her this year. At least not accidentally on purpose.



  • Becky Howell

    I would love to hear the disabled driver story… I can only imagine. 🙂