Last week we went to visit my brother Dave and his family in Lancaster, PA. They just had twins bringing their kid count to four! Check out these adorable pictures. In retrospect it probably would have made sense to take pics of the twins together, but we were too busy passing them around. My kids absolutely loved having more than one baby to share!

While we were in Lancaster, we did a little bit of sightseeing and a spot of shopping at the outlets. I have great memories of visiting Amish farms and local museums as a kid, and love that my kids will get the chance to experience it all too.

The corn maze seems innocuous in the photos, however I have the world’s worst sense of direction, so this became more of a life and death situation for me. The first time we went through the maze, everyone ran away from me in three different directions. If not for Sophie clinging to my leg, I would have crawled into a ball and waited for the eventual call from Michael to the authorities to come find his directionless wife. By the grace of God, I finally made it out with Sophie in tow. I’m not going to lie to you, it was a harrowing 30 minutes. When I found Michael, I asked him how he found the exit (as my escape was purely happenstance). He said he “just followed the sun”.
Are you kidding me? “Stop being such a boy scout” I told him.

All in all, it was a great visit. We had a great time with family, met up with some friends, and introduced our kids to a completely different way of life. Not bad for a “staycation”.