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Take me out to the ballgame

Saturday was a huge day for my boys. A very generous friend was kind enough to give them two tickets to the next to last game in Yankee Stadium. Neither Ethan nor Michael had been there, so it was the chance of a lifetime to visit this historical venue before it is torn down. And what a time they had!

They had your classic baseball game experience, bonding over cracker jacks and hot dogs, and wearing matching Yankees caps. After the game, Michael decided to make a real experience of it, and he took Ethan to Planet Hollywood for dinner then for a walk around Times Square.

Pure joy! I can honestly say I have never seen Ethan so excited. He came home with baseball cards, photos, and lots of stories, but more importantly memories that will last him a lifetime.


Proud Mama

There are innumerable reasons for me to be proud of my girl R, but most of all I am proud of her compassionate heart and generous spirit. This year in lieu of birthday gifts, R asked that friends and family make a donation to charity:water, an organization that builds wells in Africa to provide clean water for the world’s poor. Here’s where the “proud Mama” part comes in, to date R has earned over $500 dollars to provide clean water for Ethiopian children! We have had plenty of friends and family give towards this cause, but even more surprising were the complete strangers who found her donation page online, and donated in her name. They were so impressed with R and her mission statement, that they were inspired to support her cause. There is nothing like the compassion of a child to inspire us to do more for the needy around the world.


If you need a laugh….

Then you have to watch this clip . I have my friend Mike to thank for that. It was the funniest thing I have seen in such a long time. Guaranteed to make you smile, laugh out loud or possibly make your last sip of hot tea come out of your nose. Beverage drinkers beware.


Back to School

We are finally settling in to the new school year. Our afternoons are filled with backpacks and notebooks, and the endless variety of activities that we have signed up for this fall.

Sophie has begun three full days a week at preschool, which has suddenly given me a fair bit of time on my hands. I think I might be having a mid life crisis, except that I’m much too young for that! Trying to figure out how to spend my days productively without the kids around is going to be an interesting endeavor. There’s only so much housework one can do before one begins to feel like the maid and not the lady of the house:) I would love to spend the days reading and shopping, but alas, the Lord of the manor doesn’t agree. Lady of leisure is apparently not a title I am going to hold anytime soon. (Can you tell I’ve been reading a novel set in Regency England?)

So, I am off to plant a shrub. Then pick up his lordship’s medicine. Then his offspring. Lady of leisure indeed!


Mullet Mania

How can I control my life when I can’t control my hair? ~Author Unknown