Celebrity Schmelebrity

My girlfriends believe that each of us has a look alike celebrity, and it is our job, nay, our duty to help each other discover who that celebrity might be. There is only one rule here, we have the right to reject the proposed celebrity, but once we accept one, that is considered our celebrity for good. I have thoroughly rejected each and every suggestion they have brought forth, most recently the heinous suggestion that it is Katie Holmes. (A lovely and pretty girl I’m sure, however, sporting a terribly unflattering haircut). This suggestion was made by my friend Liz’s husband, who will be forgiven on the grounds that he is male.

My new friend Meg’s husband (God bless him) then made the following comparison:

May you all be considered witnesses to the fact that from this moment onward I wholeheartedly accept Ashley Judd as my look alike celebrity. Never mind the fact that I do not resemble her in any way, and all of you who are related to me may stop snickering. Nevertheless, I will receive this honor and will try to show this comparison the respect it is due. Thank you.



  • Rachel Howell

    wait – they say i look like her too!!! this must be the truth. i accept. i’m glad us sisters look so much alike. xxrae