This is a picture of an (eerily) realistic dollar store snake that Michael and the kids periodically like to torment me with. I frequently find this in my bed, under my pillow, and in my clothing drawers. They are all well aware of my serious dislike for snakes. Sadly, they all take advantage of that fact.

THIS is a picture of a (very real!) snake that crawled across my living room floor the other night while I sat a foot away watching TV. Michael and I saw it at exactly the same time, and once he scraped me off the ceiling, I shrieked nonstop until he caught it in this box. Thank God he was home!
To be fair, the snake was actually very small. However, I could barely sleep that night for fear of a snake nest in my home somewhere. My husband did not share my fear, and thought it was funny to wait until I had barely drifted off and then slowly drag his finger over my pillow and head. Very snakelike. Thanks for that. You owe me a good night’s sleep.
Worse than actually finding a snake is imagining how it got in the house in the first place. We narrowed it down to the wet umbrellas we left on the back porch. Michael brought them in and laid them on the floor near the sofa about an hour before we saw IT.
I hope to never revisit that experience again. On the upside, I think I have finally convinced everyone here at TeamCoyle that we are NOT getting a pet snake.


  • Oh no. Not sure I could’ve handled that one! At least you figured out how it got in!!