Project #1

The month of June was an unusual one in our house.  Michael took a month long “sabbatical” as he likes to call it, and spent the month at home.  This could have gone one of two ways: Michael spending every day on the sofa playing video games or Michael taking on a project or twelve. He naturally chose the latter, and here is the fruit of his labor.
This is about one half the size of what will eventually be a swingset for the kids.  I think “swingset” is probably a bit of an understatement here, but it’s going to be amazing.  This tower is the shorter of the two that will make up the set.  Michael bought the plans online, ordered the wood from Home Depot, and then customized everything to his specifications.  The kids are going to be so thrilled when this is done.  I’ll post pictures of it as the project moves along.