Playing catch up

I’m finding that summer is turning out to be a lot less productive than I had hoped.  I had all sorts of grand plans to organize and clean around the house, set up a crafting area in our den, maybe even complete a craft project or two myself.  And books, read lots and lots of books.  It seems that none of this is actually going to get done.  Between running the kids to the next fun thing, to keeping Sophie from drowning at the pool, and cleaning up (constantly cleaning up) after little people, it seems there isn’t time to get anything done.  Am I the only mom who feels this way?

Fortunately, next week I’m hoping to get a little breather.  All three munchkins will be attending summer camp!  Yay me!  Maybe I’ll have photos of a project or two to show you?!  On the other hand, maybe you’ll find me sprawled out on the sofa having my own version of summer camp.  The non cleaning, non cooking, non errand running kind.