Mosquitos, and frogs, and bears, Oh My!

I consider myself a fairly adaptable person, but I usually draw the line at sleeping in a bag, on the ground, in bear country.  However, I want my kids to have memories of me outside of the usual “Clean up, quiet down, go to bed” variety.  So, I put my fear of bears and port o potties aside and decided to venture into the great outdoors.  This is how Team Coyle spent the weekend.

And here are a few pics of the crowd we went with.  Such a great group of friends!  I feel so blessed that when we moved here four years ago, they took a chance on us.  
PS  If you were wondering, there are bears in this camping area.  I’m not just being dramatic!  We didn’t see any ourselves, but another fellow at the camp site saw two the day we arrived.