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Tucking in talk

At bedtime–

E:  “Mom, you look just like a teenager.”

Me:  (As the clouds open and angels begin singing)  “Thanks hon!  That’s so sweet!”
E:  “Yeah, you look just like this boy at camp….”

Mosquitos, and frogs, and bears, Oh My!

I consider myself a fairly adaptable person, but I usually draw the line at sleeping in a bag, on the ground, in bear country.  However, I want my kids to have memories of me outside of the usual “Clean up, quiet down, go to bed” variety.  So, I put my fear of bears and port o potties aside and decided to venture into the great outdoors.  This is how Team Coyle spent the weekend.

And here are a few pics of the crowd we went with.  Such a great group of friends!  I feel so blessed that when we moved here four years ago, they took a chance on us.  
PS  If you were wondering, there are bears in this camping area.  I’m not just being dramatic!  We didn’t see any ourselves, but another fellow at the camp site saw two the day we arrived.

Fun in the Sun

Most days this is where you’ll find me.  Having fun in the sun at the local pool.  It reminds me so much of my childhood summers.  Every day spent wearing myself out at the pool with the neighbor kids.  Great memories!  I hope these photos remind you of summers past.

I’m not sure whether I should be amused or alarmed by this photograph:)
Goggles are Ethan’s go-to fashion accessory.  They never leave his face.  In fact he has a little raccoon eyed tan to prove it!

Taking a break.

Playing catch up

I’m finding that summer is turning out to be a lot less productive than I had hoped.  I had all sorts of grand plans to organize and clean around the house, set up a crafting area in our den, maybe even complete a craft project or two myself.  And books, read lots and lots of books.  It seems that none of this is actually going to get done.  Between running the kids to the next fun thing, to keeping Sophie from drowning at the pool, and cleaning up (constantly cleaning up) after little people, it seems there isn’t time to get anything done.  Am I the only mom who feels this way?

Fortunately, next week I’m hoping to get a little breather.  All three munchkins will be attending summer camp!  Yay me!  Maybe I’ll have photos of a project or two to show you?!  On the other hand, maybe you’ll find me sprawled out on the sofa having my own version of summer camp.  The non cleaning, non cooking, non errand running kind.

Project #1 Follow up

I think I promised further pictures of Michael’s big summer project.  It’s now in complete working order, although there is still an entire section not built yet.  Hard to believe when you see the photos!  It looks complete already.  However Michael’s motto is “If big is good, bigger is better”.  My motto is exactly the opposite.  No surprise there!  Ok, on to the pictures!
Michael and I tried out every single piece on this swingset ourselves.  I know the neighbors must have thought we were crazy.  Not crazy, just young at heart I say:)  Anyhow, it’s slightly upsetting to learn that your eight and six year old have more upper body strength than you do.  Dang monkey bars!  Apparently I need to step it up at the gym or go play on the swingset some more.