Tickled pink

My baby turned three on Saturday, and we had the sweetest, pinkest, sparkliest party.  I asked S what kind of party she wanted, and she had only one word for me “PINK”!  Being a girly-girl myself, I loved putting this one together.  I know she’ll outgrow this pink princessy stage before I know it, so I’m taking full advantage of it now.
We set up the party outdoors for our four sweet little guests to enjoy the outdoors, however it wasn’t long before we were forced indoors by the rain.
S and her friend Jill. Jill likes to call me Mr. Kimberly.  It cracks me up every time:)
Once we made our way inside, I dressed the table with the prettiest Gerber Daisies and Lollipop and pink salt water taffy center pieces.  We served strawberries, butterfly PB and J’s, and of course pink lemonade!
For dessert, the cutest little pink flower cupcakes with a chocolate chip center.  Aren’t they sweet?  I tell you, I was on a pink high!  I’ll be honest, I think I enjoyed it more than any of the girls!

There were lots and lots of pretty princess gifts to open.  Theultimate gift however, was from E.  He spent $30 of his own money and went on a shopping spree at Target.  He bought lipstick, gloss, nail polish and lots of glitter for S.  To top it off, he bought her a makeup case to keep it all in.  Is his future wife a lucky girl or what?

Bippity Boppity Boo!
Ah, the evidence of the aformentioned lip gloss!  Never mind that I later found it on two sofas, her shirt, and her bedspread.
Happy Birthday to my precious glitter loving, tutu wearing, tickled pink S.  You are a treasure!
Mommy  aka Mr. Kimberly