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Help me!

Ok, I am having some problems with my photos and fonts with my previous post. So annoying. I wish I had a tutor to help me figure out all this blogging stuff. Michael is my usual “go to” guy, but he’s busy building a custom swing set for the kids. I don’t have anything further to say on that subject right now:) Pictures to follow soon!


Get away

Michael and I had a wonderful weekend get away a few days ago. My in-laws came and stayed at the house for three days while we spent our time at a bed and breakfast in Spring Lake. I had never been to this sweet shore town, but I think I want to retire there. All I need is a few million dollars for one of these georgeous homes!

Do these seem like homes that belong in a shore town? Ninety percent of the homes there were at least double or triple the size of our home. It was the most quaint, picturesque town I have visited in a long while. What absolutely sealed the deal for me was the Spring Lake Public Library. Oh, the books I’d read in those ivy covered walls! It looked like a little slice of England in the middle of New Jersey, and I could just see myself getting lost in it.

Only thirty five years and a few million dollars to go:)


Dad’s Day

A man’s children and his garden both reflect the amount of weeding done during the growing season.

~ Anonymous
Dear Dad H and Dad C,
Thanks so much for all you do.  For the comfort of still having a Dad to turn to and trust and love.  And even having someone who will clean and fix your vacuum cleaner without being asked.  (Thanks for that Dad C!!).   More importantly, thanks Dad for pointing me to Jesus, and for being the earthly example of my Heavenly Father.  For that I am forever grateful and I hope to be as good of an example as you to my own kids.  
And to my own dear husband, thanks for being the Daddy I always hoped our children would have!  Your constancy and unconditional love speaks volumes to their little hearts.  They won’t know it for years yet, but they are three of the luckiest little monkeys to have a Daddy like you!
I love you all!

Hall of Heroes

One of the last projects Rachel had for school this year was to write a biography for one of her “heroes”. She and her classmates stood in the hall outside of their classroom and presented their hero to each of the parents. As you can see, Rachel chose Anne Frank. (One of my heroes as well).

We actually had the opportunity to visit the Frank’s hiding place when we visited Amsterdam a few years ago. It had existed in my imagination since I was a child, but the reality of it was beyond anything I have ever experienced. When you physically see the evidence of what was lost, it is heartbreaking. We saw Anne’s diary, and climbed behind the bookcase and up the stairs into the secret annex. I wish Rachel had been old enough to remember it because it made an unforgettable impression on me.

Rachel’s best melancholic impression of Anne.

I was surprised by so many of the choices. We had an Amelia Earhart, George Patton, and Kristi Yamaguchi just to name a few. I loved the reasons behind the kids choices. Some of them were so passionate about their hero! Such a clever idea and a testament to what a great teacher Rachel had this year. Great job Rach!


Twelve years and counting

Dearest M-

Have we really been married for twelve years? That means we’ve been together for sixteen years! Nearly half my life. It’s hard to believe that’s possible.
These last twelve years have been the greatest adventure of my life, and I can’t wait to see what the next twelve, sixteen, thirty years bring. There won’t be a dull moment among them I am sure! I love you with all my heart.