Good reads

For years I was secretly waiting for Rachel to be old enough to read the books I enjoyed as a child. My lifelong love of books is second only to my love for my family. I’m not joking. I like books better than I like most people. When Rachel popped out a natural born bibliophile, I was beside myself with excitement. I could not wait to share all of my old favorites with her. When I think of my childhood, I often think of it in terms of what I was reading at the time. I want Rachel to look back on these reading years with the same fondness that I do. Imagine my delight when I was in Borders the other day and stumbled upon one of my favorite books of all time.

“From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler” was sitting on the shelf just begging to be brought home.

Before giving it to Rachel, I decided to read through it once again to see what it was that captured my imagination so much as a kid. I remembered the basic plot, and loved the fact that it was an adventure set in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I’ve always loved museums (thanks for that gene Dad), and I secretly dream of being a part of a great adventure someday. What surprised me the most about re-reading the book, was the fact that the main character and I are exactly alike. I’m sure at the time I read it, I wasn’t very self-aware, but it must have really struck a chord with me even then. It’s funny what we subconsciously understand about ourselves even as children.

Anyhow, it was a sweet reminiscence. I think I’ll go back and read a few more of my favorite childhood books. Let’s see…what’s next? How about my all time favorite, Little Women?
Stay tuned for my thoughts on Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. Can you guess which character I am most like?