Friday Favorites

It’s time for Friday Favorites, and I have a few of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts to share with you.  They are just so precious, and these gifts are treasures in the truest sense of the word.

My first gift was a handmade key ring from Rachel.  I ask you, who can’t use a platypus key ring?  I love it.  I’m so glad it’s one of a kind because I would be sorely disappointed to see someone else at the mall sporting this baby.

Next, I received another beautifully handcrafted gift from Ethan.  He made me a jewelry holder with his “biggest piece” of Fool’s Gold embedded in the center.  This was a sacrifice on his part because he really loved that rock.  Now it has pride of place on my dresser.

The piece de resistance is “Daisy”.  She’s my very own puppy!  Complete with leash, food bowl, treats, and a small plastic dish of clear soap masquerading as a water bowl.  Rachel didn’t want me to accidentally spill it.  Genius, no?  
There you have it, a little glimpse into the heart of my children.  Doesn’t it make you smile?