Campfires and Crocodiles

Last weekend, Michael and Rachel had their last Adventure Guides campout.  These campouts have been a part of our lives for four years now, and have been a special bonding time for Rachel and her Daddy.  I can not say enough about the Adventure Guides program at the YMCA.  It has been such a blessing to my kids and especially to their Daddy:) There aren’t too many programs out there that are focused on enhancing the bond with your kids.  Programs that are about good, clean, outdoorsy fun.  They get the kids away from the TV and computer and doing things that don’t come naturally in a suburban setting.  Here are a few pics of their special weekend.   
Daddy and his girl

This was a major first for Rachel!  She made it over the rock wall and down the zip line.

The last night at camp, they held a ceremony for all of the girls who were “graduating” from their circle.  The dads and daughters stand together and hold hands then recite a promise to be “Best friends forever”.  It makes for the most precious of childhood memories.  I hope that Rachel will always remember the fun and adventure of her childhood years, as well as the all encompassing, unconditional love of her Dad.