Friday Favorites

I thought I’d try to post some of my favorite things on Fridays. I’m sure there is a burning need for you to know exactly what I’m reading, watching, doing at the moment. I know. It’s scintillating.

Today’s featured favorite is my favorite blog:
This blog is such a joy to read for so many reasons. Brin is a very gifted writer, and writes with such passion and honesty that it’s hard not to be drawn in. She’s also everything that I’m not. She cooks, she crafts, she restores a beautiful old home on her own. Oh, and she travels. A lot. I’m not jealous, not at all. Okay, maybe a little (lot). I find this blog to be so refreshing, and just a lot of fun to read. Check out her book suggestions and recipes. They’re fantastic!

Happy reading!


  • Kimberly,

    Wow. Are you sure you’ve been reading MY blog? High praise, indeed. Thanks. 😀