Faking it since 1975


My oldest daughter is guiding me through a reading of Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities. She read and analyzed the novel for English class in the spring, and initially, I promised to read alongside her to keep her company among the pages. Life intervened, and three months and a rather large … [continue]

Practical Tips for Coming Back to Center


Earlier this week, I wrote about returning to center when life feels as if it's spiraling out of control. I am a work in progress when it comes to keeping the main thing the main thing, but I have a few touch points I use throughout my day to help me remember I am a human being, not a human … [continue]

Coming Back to Our Center


In the early stages of my journey into writing, I signed up for an online class on writing memoir. The class was filled with writers all along the spectrum of mastery, from novice to English professor with a PhD. To say that I fell into the novice camp is an epic understatement. At the request of … [continue]

Craving Balance


"His ears were made of real rabbit fur, and beneath the fur, there were strong, bendable wires, which allowed the ears to be arranged into poses that reflected the rabbit’s mood — jaunty, tired, full of ennui." Kate DiCamillo in The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane I hunch over the steering … [continue]

Courage to Use Our Voice


I'm dreaming again. The scenarios are different each night, otherworldly and absurd, but when I open my mouth to speak in my dream-state, the words are inevitably drowned out. In my sleep, my voice is silenced. In my waking, I feel a heaviness that won't shift. It sits like a thick knot in my … [continue]