Spiritual Misfit: A book giveaway


I grew up in the church, the daughter of pastor parents who believed, more than anything, in living like they were the hands and feet of Jesus. I rubbed shoulders with the doubters and the deep believers, the sick and the healed. I knew what a life looked like when Jesus called it redeemed. I saw … [continue]

Eternal spring


On Monday, I wrapped up my short-ish series on writing. There are infinite topics we could talk about, but they're already discussed around the web by people with far more authority than me. I thought it best to stick to what I know, which is my own personal experience. Thanks for joining me, and … [continue]

Proposals and pitching

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This post is the fourth in a series on writing, written for those beginning their journey towards publication. For the first three, click here, here, and here. .................................... Nearly two years ago, on a hot, southern July afternoon I found myself sitting face to face with a … [continue]

Five Minute Friday: Writer

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Hello, Friends. Welcome back for another Friday spent with Lisa-Jo and the Five-minute crowd. Today, we're taking five minutes to write on the prompt Writer. Do you have five minutes to write, read, or both? Why don't you join us? 1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no … [continue]

Three things every writer must do

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When I began blogging, I held no expectations for where it would lead me. I wanted to write books, remember? But, seeing as I didn't have a single, viable idea knocking about in my head, book writing felt like a ridiculous, imaginary leap. My first love is fiction. I have met the face of the world … [continue]