Reclaiming the conversation: Talking to our kids about sex

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I was twenty-four and naive. I'm pretty certain my mouth dropped open when she said it out loud at work, sitting in the middle of the nurse's station, surrounded by paperwork and co-workers and a number of men. She said, "If my husband ever left me, I would become a stripper for the money. I'd need … [continue]

SO much trouble


Chris slid into the green pleather seat behind me on the bus. "Oh my gosh! You won't believe who got suspended for giving Ms. Younger the middle finger," he said. "I don't know, who?" I responded. Insert the name of the dark-haired, eighth grade boy I later married. "He is in SO much trouble!" Chris … [continue]

50 Women Every Christian Should Know: A book and giveaway

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The woman stood slightly turned from the viewer with her arm raised, and a sword in her hand. She stood naked and powerful, her body muscular and beautiful in a way we rarely see in old paintings. Most of the women look soft, painted in a favorable light and the most fashionable clothes of the day. … [continue]

On the battlefield

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After moving overseas, I was equal parts surprised and perplexed to discover homes in England and in Switzerland don't use window screens. When you open the back door or the window in the bedroom, you invite the natural world to enter your home with you. After getting over my paranoia about critters … [continue]

Asking the right questions and being someone’s answer

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The first time she came to my house she barely spoke. The second time she came to my house she asked me how much my new vacuum cleaner cost. I fluttered around the answer shocked she would ask, knowing the item was ridiculously overpriced, and too embarrassed to tell her the truth. I knew how … [continue]