A Summer Q&A: Everything You’ve Never Asked Me (Part 2)


Yesterday, in Part 1, I shared my current reads, instagram inspiration, and thoughts on living abroad. Today, I'm touching on past failures and future projects. Thanks for joining me. What's your latest project? Besides writing dodgy poetry? I'm currently joining my friends Elise Daly Parker, … [continue]

A Summer Q & A: Everything You’ve Never Asked Me (Part 1)

While I was busy contemplating the bizarre turn of events in my life over the past few months, I wrote and published my One Thousandth (1000!!!!) post here, in my starry corner of cyberspace. For a woman who has a strong predilection for abandoning projects (jobs, hobbies, diy projects, exercise, … [continue]

The Art of Catch and Release

I watched him from the kitchen window as I washed the dishes. He bent his blond head over the purple riot of echinacea and moved a cupped hand slowly over a single bloom. He pulled his hands to his face and discovered they were empty, just as the object of his affection fluttered to another part of … [continue]

When Life Turns Out Differently Than You Planned


Twelve years ago, I stood on the precipice of a decision that would shape the future of my family. Staring into the chasm between what I desired and what God desired for me, I wondered which ledge would hold my weight, or if I'd find myself lost, falling in the echo chamber in the center. Our family … [continue]

Blessed are the Peacemakers


  I sat on the beach listening to the sound of seagulls squawk in circles while searching for a sand-covered potato chip or a half-eaten sandwich. Beneath them, white foam and waves of dark gray crashed on wet sand, and as I watched them roll in, I thought of the waves and waves and … [continue]