Making Space

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Papers. Everywhere papers. Notes for work, essays for school, examples of book proposals for writing. The wood pulp of my life scattered all over the floor of the room we use most. Every time I open the door to the library, my daughter sighs and gives me the side eye, then slowly shifts herself off … [continue]

On Letting Go


I watered the flowers in the dark last night, by the light of the waxing gibbous moon. I shivered in the cool air, realizing for the first time that Fall is coming soon. My hands are a sieve and time is passing through them. Summer slipped through the cracks and crevices, and a few big memories … [continue]



I chose the word "Embrace" as my touchstone this year--it's the word I return to when the view through the lens of my life grows scratched over and shadowed, when everything looks dim. I chose Embrace to walk beside me as a guide of sorts, and I hung a watercolor of my word on the wall where I'm … [continue]

Simply Tuesday: A Book Story and Giveaway


We spent last week sitting on a beach surrounded by surf, sand, and good books. We had a great big sky above us and a deck where we could sit and listen to the birds chatter in the marsh while the sun lowered behind them. I held every good thing from the tip of my fingers--my people, my journal, my … [continue]

Making Room for Old Plans Made New

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Two years ago, I asked an artist friend to create a painting of Switzerland for my husband's fortieth birthday. I took photos of my favorite view, one that belonged on the face of a postcard, and someday I hoped, on a painting. I sent the artist the photos, he sent me some sketches. I congratulated … [continue]