The Story of Us

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Most of you have already moved on from Memorial Day weekend, but I'm still recovering. My husband and I spent hours upon hours in the garden--planting, moving, watering, lamenting the fact that one of us believes holiday weekends are for work and the other of us has the gall to believe they're for … [continue]

Open Doors and Opportunity

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When it comes to decision-making, my husband and I have always taken the approach that if a door opens in the direction of our desires, we will walk through it. We pray about it first, but if we don't feel any specific leading one way or another, through the door we walk, or run depending on how … [continue]

More Than One Place

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I ran long before church yesterday. I needed a little time in my own sanctuary, the one of leaf and bark and sweat before the one of big screens and loud music. I miss Switzerland the most during the spring and fall, when the natural world became a cathedral all its own. On my last run in the … [continue]

Giving Each Other the Gift of Curiosity


my unofficial office--post-run:) Five days a week I wake up, drink a cup of tea, pray a little, and then lace up my running shoes. I have a love/hate relationship with running, as in I love to hate it. But, it's become an integral part of my life, a piece of the puzzle that holds all of me … [continue]

Growing Into Our Lives Through Seasons of Change


Every autumn, she groans when she tells me how much she dreads the start of school and its inevitable prickly mornings with her three kids. She says the same thing when school closes and summer begins. She mourns the loss of her daily routine when the kids are home day in and day out, when they must … [continue]