Day 30: Speaking the truth in love: A guest post

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I emailed Elise last week in a panic. I have no more words left to say, I told her. Can you jump in with some of your own? Kind soul, she offered to post for me today, our 30th day together. Welcome Elise Parker, as she shares a personal story on speaking life. When I think of friendship, I think … [continue]

Day 29: Light in the darkness


I picked her up from running club thinking she'd tell me about her day on the short ride home. She hopped in the car, all nine years of her, and within thirty seconds of pulling away from the school she said some of the girls had used a word she didn't understand. They repeated a word they heard in … [continue]

Day 28: Redemption language


Sometimes the important conversations with my husband can't wait, mostly because my frustration demands its voice be heard right this second. They take place in the kitchen, the bathroom, and the front seat of the car. Even better when they're one-sided, across the telephone. My kids take advantage … [continue]

Day 27: Priceless

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I met up with friend recently who quietly stored away a handful of things she wanted to say to me when we saw each other in person. Over the past few weeks, she tucked a thought here and pocketed a thought there. When we finally sat down over a meal, one by one she laid out this sweet treasure of … [continue]

Day 26: Pleasing to God

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"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer." ~Psalm 19:14 .............................. This is the 26th post in a series called 31 Days of Speaking Life. Want to know more about the 31 Days writing challenge? Hop on … [continue]