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Two enormous oak trees stood tall on either side of the pavement right where the sidewalk forked. They grew towards one another forming a canopy, under which ran the path to our front door. As children, we sat beneath the great oaks in the fall, scooping acorns from the surrounding dirt. In the … [continue]

Traveling With Kids: Headless Photos not Included

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I love history and art, and I really love museums. I love tourist attractions that have lots of little informational placards, and I like to read each one. Slowly. I also love old stuff. Any kind of old stuff, but especially old stuff that tells a story. This has earned me the reputation of being a … [continue]

Friendship: An Unfolding


She fixed her soft eyes on me across the café table. "Tell me about your kids," she said. All she had to do was ask the question, and my maternal floodgates opened, spilling deep and wide. So few people ask the question, and then give one the time and space to answer. She teared up a little when she … [continue]

On Leslie Knope and Wholehearted Living

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Most mornings, I run on the treadmill in my basement rather than leave the house at an ungodly hour in the biting cold. The basement is dark and cold too, but it has the added advantage of a small shelf where I perch my iPad to watch tv. I've run through Breaking Bad, Modern Family, Scandal, … [continue]

Book on my nightstand: The Business Edition

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It's time for another round-up of books. I haven't read as much as I'd like recently, but I plan to remedy this over spring break between breaking up fights and indulging the extreme sloth that sets in when we lack a fixed schedule. If you have any must-read suggestions, drop me a line in the … [continue]